A fair and accurate census count is vital to communities of color and our state’s long-term wellbeing.

2020 Census

The collection of accurate and comprehensive census data every ten years is crucial to California’s well-being. Census data guides the distribution of congressional seats and political district lines, enforcement of civil rights laws, and allocation of billions of dollars in federal funding to tribal, state, and local governments. To ensure that California thrives in the decades to come, we must have a fair and accurate 2020 Census that counts all Californians.

Yet, the 2020 Census is under threat. Amidst an environment that is already hostile to immigrants, Secretary Wilbur Ross added an untested and unnecessary question to the 2020 Census asking about citizenship status. The harm from this decision would be universal, with communities that are already at greater risk of being undercounted—including people of color, young children, and low-income rural and urban residents—suffering the most. A full, fair, and accurate census is critical for our communities.

California receives over
$76 billion annually in federal funds
based on census data

9.6 million Californians live in hard-to-count census tracts and are at risk of being undercounted

Our Solution

Having Our Say joined over 100 California organizations to advocate for state funding to support Census outreach. Together we secured over $90.3 million in the 2018-2019 budget for community-based outreach and education for the 2020 Census. This historic investment will support outreach to the estimated 14.7 million residents belonging to one or more groups categorized as hard to count. Having Our Say remains committed to supporting community-based outreach and education on this important issue.