In order to improve the health of all Californians we need to address structural and systemic inequities and challenge the status quo across broad areas of policy.

Public Health and Prevention

Having Our Say believes that health is about more than just health care. Our advocacy stretches outside the realm of health care to ensure that our communities have the opportunity to live happy, safe, and productive lives. As a coalition, we support a broad set of public policies that attempt to address structural drivers of inequity, such as racism, disenfranchisement, and poverty. To advance health equity we believe in passing policies that create the social, economic, and environmental conditions that allow communities to thrive.


Our Solution

Our Solution Having Our Say supports a variety of state and local proposals that address the social, economic, and environmental conditions that impact our communities. Together we advocate for policies that:

  • Actively engage civic participation and build power
  • Strengthen labor protections for low-wage workers
  • Address the disproportionate impacts of climate change on communities of color
  • Expand urban and community greening
  • Ensure equitable access to clean drinking water
  • Support prevention over punishment and incarceration
  • Ensure greater access to mental health and social supports
  • Reform policing practices and uplift trauma-informed and culturally-competent practices
  • Prioritize affordable housing in low-income communities and protect families from displacement
  • Improve access to healthy, fresh, and affordable food
  • Provider greater resources for equitable public transportation

California is already experiencing a number of consequences of climate change, including a water crisis.


Planting trees and increasing green space can reduce noise and air pollution in urban areas


Poverty is the single biggest predictor of lowered health status.