Having Our Say believes in building capacity of new and diverse voices to advocate for change.

Having Our Say and Partner Reports


Accessing Mental Health in the Shadows: How Immigrants in California Struggle to Get Needed Care

(2019) CPEHN report interviewed fifteen county behavioral health leaders representing twelve California counties in order to evaluate the barriers immigrant communities face when accessing mental health care.


Towards Universal Health Coverage: Expanding Medi-Cal to Low-Income Undocumented Adults

(Feb 2019) UC Berkeley Labor Center report outlines key considerations for moving towards Universal Coverage in California by expanding Medi-Cal to all low-income residents, regardless of immigration status.


The Landscape of Opportunity: Cultivating Health Equity in California

(Oct 2016) CPEHN report uses data and research to examine health disparities across a broad spectrum of factors and social condition, including case studies, policy wins, and policy recommendations.


Health Care Reform for a Diverse Nation: The Voices of California’s Communities of Color

(July 2009) Having Our Say examines some of the national health reform policies that have the most impact on our communities—expansion of care, health disparities reduction, access to prevention, and the individual mandate.


The Path to Healthy Communities: Mapping California’s Priorities

(May 2008) Having Our Say offers recommendations to help policymakers, public health experts, and community leaders incorporate health considerations in land-use and transportation planning.


Health Care Reform Proposals Hold Promise for Diverse Communities: Getting California Ready

(August 2007) Having Our Say highlights how three statewide health care reform proposals introduced in the 2007 legislative session would have impacted communities of color.