Having Our Say raises the voices of California’s communities of color in our fight for health equity.


Having Our Say coalition works to gather the collective strength of our communities to fight for policies and systems that allow communities to thrive.

Since 2007, we’ve brought together more than 30 member organizations, including grassroots community organizations, health care clinics and providers, and advocates to fight for health equity and racial justice.

Our Strategies

Having Our Say advocates for federal, state, and local policy solutions that advance health equity. We use a variety of strategies:

  • Legislative visits
  • Legislative testimony and public comment
  • Community education
  • Policy analysis and research
  • Media and social media
  • Administrative advocacy

Our Impact

Having Our Say is committed to ensuring that health care in California reflects the needs of our diverse communities. Together we:

  • Pass legislative policies that improve access and quality of coverage
  • Prioritize access to culturally and linguistically competent services
  • Ensure the state budget invests in health equity
  • Engage with administrative agencies to ensure equitable implementation of policies
  • Strengthen safety net and public health programs

California: leading the way in advancing health equity

California is one of the most diverse states in the nation with over 60 percent of our population from communities of color. These communities are most impacted by a legacy of institutional racism as well as present day practices and policies that continue to perpetuate a system of inequity.

By expanding access to health care, supporting cultural and linguistic services, spearheading health in all policies, and creating a state Office of Health Equity, California has made great progress in the fight for health equity. Yet, we have a long way to go in living up to our promise of health for all.