About Us

What is Having Our Say?

Having Our Say (HOS) Coalition was founded in 2007 to raise the voices of communities of color in the health reform debate and the fight for access to quality health care. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, the coalition has been focusing on ensuring that the health reform implementation in California reflects the voices and needs of our diverse communities. Today, HOS is looking beyond the implementation of health care reform to issues and policies that address health disparities and promote a holistic approach to health in communities of color . HOS also recognizes that health is about more than just health care and that the distribution of resources, institutional racism, entrenched social systems and government policies all impact our opportunities to live healthy lives. The coalition works to gather the collective strength of our communities to fight for policies and systems that allow communities to thrive. The coalition has brought together more than 35 member organizations, including grassroots community organizations, health care clinics and providers, and advocates to fight for health equity and racial justice.